«A concrete shift» – Construction & Civil Engineering May 2016


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In fact it is a strong partnership with software developer Idat upon which the digital excellence of Voorbij’s process is made possible. “Idat’s systems have a very strategic place in our factory,” Jeroen explains. “The software allows us to input an architectural design and produce a 3D model complete with a detailed report of optimised design elements, such as the best type of rebar to install. It takes the DNA of everything we have in the factory and of consultants’ knowledge and creates an optimised recipe for production. It then organises production, manages schedules and implements factory roles and logistical systems – all at the click of a button. We are very happy with the work that Idat do – it is not just a piece of 3D modelling software but a relationship with a partner that shares our culture to do things differently and to optimise processes by working together.”

“This complete integration across the factory, which is made possible by strong partnerships with companies like Idat, is what makes the process so successful,” adds Jos. “It means we can implement customer changes quickly, without the need to consult external specialists, and this provides the advantage of being able to create completely bespoke elements without altering the process or the factory at all with higher quality and more sustainable methods of production. It is part of switching to Industry 4.0 standards where we can react almost instantly to changing customer wishes.”