Revit Precast

Extensions for Precast Concrete Design with Autodesk Revit

Revit Precast Estimation

This program allows a parametrized estimation of precast concrete projects for example for the generation of quotations. Calculations for precast Walls, Slabs, Columns, Beams or special parts like balconies or stairs are supported. The basis for all calculations is a Revit building model.

The user parametrizes the program to his individual calculation method individually. For this a user defined and no restricted number of parameters and factors can be defined generally or panel addicted and integrated into the calculation process (for example reinforcement grade, transport or design charges etc.).

For the Revit model itself, the user can choose the whole model or only parts of it (levels, families, etc.) to be considered for the calculation process. For the selected Revit objects the user defines the type of precast part (for example for wall families if it should be a Solid Wall, Sandwich Wall, Double Wall etc.). For other family types like slabs the same action according to this.

After the calculation is started the program detects all amounts and quantities from the Revit model and further some other specific data. For example, the program performs a virtual segmentation of walls and slabs to determine the expected number of panels and also the number of panel related components like lifting anchors or part connectors. For Columns and Beams, the program detects automatically the number and position of connections like for example brackets. RevitPrecast Estimation is now collecting all this information and calculates the quantities and prices along the predefined rules.

Revit Precast Reinforcement

With this Revit extension the user can automatically generate predefined reinforcement in Revit families. Inside the family it is possible to define which kind of reinforcement should be generated in which area, distance and direction.

Further it is possible to define relationships to other reinforcement parts or panel edges (concrete cover). Over optional parameters the user can easily manage bar diameters, bending radius or hooks.

For such prepared Revit families the program generates the predefined reinforcement automatically by a mouse click. Due to the fact that the reinforcement inside the family is defined over the edges of the bodies the position and geometry of the bars and stirrups will adapt automatically to the individual geometry of the family object. This works as well when the geometry of the family will be changed afterwards.

Revit Precast Plan Configurator

This program assists the user in the generation of shop drawings and site plans for precast concrete production directly inside Revit. It offers comprehensive options and extensions for individual plan layout definitions. Another important option is the automatic generation of several plans with different layouts for the same panel (for example geometry, reinforcement, inserts etc.).

Depending from the type of precast the user can define different plan layouts in advance. The position and size of the different information (for example views, reinforcement tables, insert list etc.) can be configured individually for each layout. Later the user can choose if he wants to get all plans generated at the same time or individually for each part/panel. In every case the generation of the drawings will be performed fully automatically.

With this program the automatic generation of shop drawings will be available for all precast types including Columns, Beams, Balconies or Stairs. Theoretically such a plan can be generated for every Revit assembly. The parametrisation options include also the possibility to generate individual views or sections on each plan manually in a very simplified way. Further a parametrized steel takeoff with according bending sketches can be placed on each plan individually by demand.


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