Release Notes for IDAT Sprinkler Software

Abbreviations: (N=new, C=changed, F=error fixed)

Version 5.09

Release date: 18.06.2024


(C): Due to problems with the Codemeter driver 8.10, the Codemeter driver 8.00a is now installed again.

Version 5.08

Release date: 27.05.2024


(F): There was an error in the installation program.


Version 5.07

Release date: 24.05.2024

SpriCad for Revit

(N): In the configuration dialogue (Settings tab), there is now a setting that allows you to ignore vertical branches to sprinklers that are not in the effective area for the calculation. This can lead to a significantly faster calculation for heavily meshed networks.


SpriCad for AutoCad

(N): SpriCad for AutoCad now also supports AutoCad 2025.

(F):  Stability of the application under BricsCAD 2024 improved (#33666)

(F):   Improvement in the placement of T-pieces


SpriCad for BricsCad

(F): There was a crash in BricsCad 2024.2. This error has been fixed.



Version 5.06

Release date: 12.03.2024


(N): New pump characteristics have been added.

(N): The query as to whether an update is available for a network licence has been improved.



(F)    To export the characteristic pump curves, the curves can also have numbers >= 1000.


SpriCad für AutoCad/BricsCad

(F)    When calculating the flow time, the flow time is calculated from the node closest to the selected valve (#33097)

(F)    Improvement when reading the equivalent length tables. (#33105)

(F)    Flow direction arrows can be hidden when plotting. (#33258)

(C):  The limit value of the pump entered in SpriCAD is no longer overwritten. (#33276)


SpriCad for Revit

(F):  In version 5.05, crashes occurred in some cases. These problems have been fixed.

(F):   It happened very rarely, but still from time to time, that dialogs flashed briefly and disappeared. The problem still exists, but the command can be executed again. Previously you had to restart Revit.

(N): If, for example, after a valve you have a subnetwork that was created with a system type that is not part of the project, an error message appeared because elements were not assigned to a pipeline. This has been improved; these elements are also assigned to a pipeline until the system type is changed.

(F): The water flow filter has been corrected.


Version 5.05

Release date: 12.12.2023


(N):  There is now only one installation program for German, English and French, which contains all program packages.

  • WinSprink
  • AutoCad
  • BricsCad
  • Revit
  • Externe CAD-Schnittstelle

(N): There is therefore only one installation directory (SpriCalc). The program WinSprink is no longer installed in its own directory. Existing files are retained during an update.


(N):  There are new equivalent length tables. These are stored in the directory

C:\Program Data\IDAT GmbH\SpriCalc\505 


         C:\Users\#USERNAME#\AppData\Local\IDAT GmbH\SpriCalc\505

(F):  If a Lechler nozzle is used with the least favorable sprinkler, the output of the pressure at the sprinkler on the header sheet was incorrect. However, the value in the table was correct. (#32871)



(N):  When exiting the program, the list of the equivalent length table and the pump characteristic curves are automatically updated.


SpriCad general

(F):  For pipes without fittings, the program did not check whether the DN value was available in the selected equivalent length table. This led to an error in the calculation, as the diameter of the pipe was set to 0.0. This query has been corrected. (T-9675).

SpriCad for BricsCad

(N):  BricsCad 2024 is now also supported.


SpriCad für AutoCad/BricsCad

(F) SpriCAD now correctly displays the corresponding node when selecting fittings (#32961)

(F) Display of labeling handles on the layout improved (#32979)

(F) Improvements in the automatic determination of fittings (#32980)

Version 5.04

Release date: 04.09.2023

SpriCad for Revit

(F):  There was a problem with filters for absolute water flow. Here the conversion from l/s to l/min was missing. (#32574)

(F):  Fittings directly on the sprinkler (without pipe in between) are not included in the number of fittings or special lengths.  (#32530

(F):  There were problems when a valve has several branches without a sprinkler. E.g., if after the valve a pipe ends at a cab without a sprinkler. This pipe was marked as a dead end. (#32497)

(N):  In the list of families, you can select the family of an element that you have previously selected in the drawing. (#32468)

SpriCad for AutoCad/BricsCad

(C):  SpriCAD now gives a warning if the equivalent length table referenced in the drawing does not exist. (#32553)

(F):  We have fixed an issue where when reading in a drawing from version 4, sprinklers may incorrectly receive a sprinkler supply line. (#32604)

(C):  Improvements in automatic pipe numbering (#32672)

SpriCad for ext. CAD

(F):  The file Sprink.dat was saved in UTF-8 format, which caused problems with special characters. Now special characters are passed on correctly. (#32545)

WinSprink / SpriCalc

(N):  A legend explaining the abbreviations of the fittings is now displayed below the table. (B=Elbow welded , W=Elbow, …)

(C):  The output of the unfavourable Sprinkler has been changed. Now pipe, sprinkler and node no. are printed in the protocol E.G.: R17-4 / S2 / 117 (#32661)

Version 5.03

Release date: 11.07.2023



(F): There were problems with the installation if the name of a user began with the letter « N ». This error has been fixed.

SpriCad for AutoCad / BricsCad

(N): SpriCAD now gives a warning if the pressure at the feeding point is too high.

(N): After changing the pipe type the remaining pipes in the pipe group are renumbered

(F):  In the English language version, a sprinkler supply line can be entered again when entering the sprinkler.

(F): A problem has been fixed where SpriCAD objects were not recognised correctly under AutoCAD 2024 when the application was loaded automatically by proxy recognition.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): In the error list you can select element(s) in the drawing directly with a double-click. If you delete this (these) element(s) in the drawing, you can update the error list by clicking on the « Update » button so that the order is correct again.

(V):  The terms « enable elements » and « disable elements » have been changed to « include elements » and « exclude elements ».


(C):  Ian the dialogue for entering the different sprinklers, the text « Sprinkler » has been replaced by « Sprinkler types » to clarify that not all sprinklers have to be entered, but only the different sprinkler types.

Version 5.02

Release date: 16.06.2023

SpriCad for external CAD programs

(F):  Errors in the interface to the calculation program have been fixed.


SpriCad for Revit

(F):  Fixed an error in the valve list that occurred when deleting a valve.

(N):  In the project management, the lists of system names are now displayed sorted.

Version 5.01

Release Date: 05.05.2023


(N): There is a new tool which automatically checks at program start if there are newer versions of the used program. If so, a window opens with a corresponding message and a link to the homepage.

SpriCAD for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

(N): Now AutoCad 2024 is also supported.

(C): Fixed a problem where automatic speech recognition did not work correctly.

(C): When changing drawing units, the sprinkler spray radius is now scaled correctly.

(C): When entering the sprinkler connection diameter, DN10 can now be selected again.

(C): When copying components across drawings, the floor of the copied components is reset.

SpriCad for external CAD programs

(F): Errors caused by calling the program have been fixed.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): Now also Revit 2024 is supported.

(N): An error in the shut-off valves dialog has been fixed. There were problems when sorting the list.

Version 5.00

Release date: 12.04.2023


(N): The assignment of tees to sprinklers has been extended. There are now the following options.

Do not assign tees

Always assign tees

Assign tees only if a pipe is linked in the supply line.

However, this applies only to the programs of the company IDAT GmbH (SpriCad for AutoCAD, SpriCad for BricsCad and SpriCad for Revit). For external CAD programs, the selection T-pieces to sprinklers always assigned or not still applies.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): The external program Sprink.exe is no longer required by SpriCad for Revit.

SpriCad for external CAD programs

(C): The external program Sprink.exe is replaced by a new program.

SpriCAD for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

(C):  Equivalent length tables can be selected in a proposal list in the project data. Remembering the ID is no longer necessary.

(C):  Node number is only displayed once in the model

(C):  Copying has been revised. It is now possible to copy with the AutoCAD/ BricsCAD command.

(C):  Project data is now only a dialog – approval limit of the pump is automatically entered according to pump characteristics table

(C): Symbols can be provided with remarks

(C):  Sprinkler supply line can be deleted directly with a delete button in the sprinkler dialog

(C):  Pipe dimensions can be selected as dropdown list according to equivalent length table before input – free input is no longer possible

(C):  When displaying results « pressure loss », « water flow rate » or « velocity », the corresponding values are written as text directly to the pipes, so that one has the overview of the results also in the model

(C):  Occupy area with sprinklers has been improved

(C):  The calculation window remains open and you can make changes in the project at the same time

(C):  Input hints for Darcy-Weisbach method

(N): Floor management: Projects with several floors can be assigned to floors. These can be hidden from each other purely optically as required to ensure an overview, even in views

(N): Flow directions are displayed in the model as arrows – can be hidden via a separate « Flow direction » layer

(N): Flow time calculation possible from a certain valve onwards

(N): Self-entered fittings on pipes are visually displayed via own layer « Fittings » – Collision check during calculation in case of inconsistencies for self-determined fittings

(N): Scale settings via labeling scale in the properties possible under the heading « Miscellaneous » for fonts and symbols, in BricsCAD « Mixed », also in viewports

(N): There is a choice between own numbers for pipes or automatic numbering

(N): Project data can also be edited in the properties window

(N): Menu bar has been extended

(N): Type selection for objects is now more comfortable. It can be distinguished after preselection of all objects in the properties according to types e.g. string pipe or sprinkler etc.. Function « sselect

(N): Objects that should not be included in the calculation can be excluded from the calculation – > Properties – General

(N): Texts can be moved, rotated, scaled and provided with a reference line

(N): The last state of the drawing is saved as a proxy graphic – texts and symbols are then also visible when the file is transferred to customers without SpriCAD – however, 3D rotation of the drawing is not possible

(N): The spray radius of the sprinkler can be entered as a value and shown as a circle in the drawing

(N): Transfer of the effective area number in the sprinkler dialog is possible. Several effective area numbers can also be assigned.

(N): Merge 2 systems from 2 files into one file. Insert second file as block and set to origin. It will be numbered automatically.

(N): Files can be rescaled afterwards into another unit.

Version 4.33

Release date: 30.01.2023


(F): If a new pump curve was entered or copied, not all data was taken over.

Version 4.32

Release date: 19.12.2022


(Q): There were some problems with the update.

SpriCad for Revit

(Q): If one or more links in Revit were not correct for a cross piece, a crash occurred.

(Q): When opening the error dialog, no element could be displayed if another dialog was opened in the meantime or another action was started.

(Q): It could happen that in some cases the list of selected system types was lost.

(F):  In version 4.31, the name of the equivalent length parameter was lost in the family settings dialog.

(Q): A few problems in the project management dialog were fixed.

Version 4.31

Release date: 22.11.2022


(F):  In rare cases it can happen that an incorrect worst case sprinkler is displayed. If the operating point is determined as the initial pressure when calculating the network, it is possible that a different sprinkler is determined as the most unfavorable due to small deviations. This is then shown on the log. However, flow and pressure are correct.

CAD general

(F): If an additional length was entered for a pipe with an accuracy of 1 mm (e.g. 4.333 m), the special component is incorrectly entered in the installation list. This is avoided if the special length is entered rounded to 1 cm (e.g. 4.330 m).

SpriCAD for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

(N): Sprinkler numbers can now only be entered in the range 1 to 9,999.

(N): The effective area number can now take values between 1 and 99,999.

SpriCad for BricsCad

(N): Version 2023 is now supported. Version 2017 is no longer supported.

(F): Fixed an issue where the sprinkler K-factor was not correctly displayed in the dialog under BricsCAD 2022.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): In the dialog of the project data, the pump characteristics are now subdivided by groups, analogous to the dialog in WinSprink, or the program for the presettings.

(N): If a different scale than the calculated one is entered in the graphic of the pump characteristic curve, this scale is saved in the Revit project together with the no. of the selected pump.

(N): When changing the language (German/English), it is not necessary to translate the shared parameters. This saves time with very large projects.

(N): If one changes the list of the system types, the list of the families is adapted automatically.

Version 4.30

Release date: (15.07.2022)

SpriCad for Revit

(N): Revit 2023 is now also supported.

(F): Elimination of various bugs.

SpriCad for AutoCad / BricsCad

(F): Fixed a problem where the water flow direction was sometimes not displayed correctly.

(Q): When changing the drawing scale, valves and fittings are scaled correctly.

(F): Fixed a problem where manually selected fittings were not correctly copied from old drawings.

(N): A warning is now issued if an object to be changed is on a locked layer.

Version 4.27

Release date: (30.06.2022)


(Q): There was a problem in version 4.26 when compiling the setup files.

Version 4.26

Release Date: (27.06.2022)

SpriCad for Revit

(Q): If a DN value=0 was entered for a FlexPipe/hose, the program crashed.

(Q): When solving the problem with the flow direction in version 4.24, there was an error in the determination of the geod. Height. This was calculated incorrectly.

Version 4.25

Release date: 08.06.2022


(F): In the graphic of the pump characteristic curve it happened that the grid was wrongly shifted to the left. This is only an optical error. The curve itself is correct.

Version 4.24

Release date: 01.06.2022


(F): The output protocol has been revised to the extent that start and end nodes are output in the correct direction. This is especially true for the line segment at the feed point.

(C):  The output fields for fire hazard and bearing type have been increased to 40 characters.

SpriCAD for AutoCaD/BricsCAD

(F): Fixed a problem where the flow direction may not be displayed correctly.

(F): When changing the drawing scale, valves and fittings are scaled correctly.

SpriCAD for Revit

(N): To determine the diameter of a pipe, there are now 2 possibilities.

As before, to use the nominal diameter of the pipe, based on which the inner diameter is determined from the equivalent length table.

To search directly for the entry in the equivalent length table using the inner diameter of the pipe. The pipe is given its own (fictitious) DN value to determine the correct inside diameter.

(N): Some dialogs were improved concerning the handling.

Version 4.22

Release date: 24.03.2022

SpriCad for Revit

(F): There was an error in the parts list. Here arcs were output instead of angles.

Version 4.21

Release Date: 21.03.2022

SpriCAD for AutoCAD

(N): There is a new valve type: butterfly valve.

SpriCad for BricsCad

(N): There is a new valve type: butterfly valve

(F): Fixed a problem where under BricsCAD 2022 the label texts were sometimes not visible.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): A family management has been added. The properties of the elements such as tee, valve or sprinkler are now managed here.

(N): For each family a parameter for an additional length can be specified.

This length is read in on the basis of the parameter and shown as a special length instead of being determined from the equivalent length.

(N): The assignment of families in element types is omitted.

Version 4.20

Release date: 20.01.2022


(F): There have been some improvements in uninstalling the software.

SpriCAD for AutoCad

(Q): SpriCAD for AutoCAD – fixed a problem where the « Advanced Properties » input field in the Properties palette was not displayed for certain fittings.

(F): Fixed a problem where copying pipes and string pipes could sometimes result in incorrect numbering of the copied pipes/string pipes.

Version 4.19

Release date: 02.12.2022


(F):  Icons for individual programs no longer appear when icons are not desired on the desktop.

(N): There are new pump characteristics from KSB and from Winter.

(C):  The previous curves from Speck are renamed to Winter.


(F): There were errors in the flow time calculation in version 4.18. These have been fixed.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): The module for license overview has been removed. Licenses themselves can still be assigned or released.

(F): There were problems with the T-Cross family.

(Q): In the flow time calculation, open networks were sometimes considered as meshed.

(Q): Pipe sections consisting of only one Auxalia sprinkler are no longer listed in the pipe list because they consist of only one node.

SpriCad for BricsCad

(N): Support for BricsCAD 2022

(F): Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect numbering when entering pipes under certain circumstances.

(N): The remark field for sprinklers is transferred to the sprinkler/fittings legend.

Version 4.18

Release date: 04.10.2022

SpriCAD for Revit

(F): There was a calculation problem with intersection pieces in rare cases.


(C):  The import for archived old DOS files is offered in the menu again.

Version 4.17

Release date: 20.09.2021

SpriCAD for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

(N): new armature « proportioning system foam

(F): texts in armature symbols are scaled correctly now

(F): when changing the drawing scale afterwards, under certain circumstances the equivalent length of fittings was no longer determined correctly

SpriCad for Revit

(F): There were several errors with the integration of Auxalia sprinklers. Therefore, the distinction between manifolds (C) and string pipes (R) has been withdrawn for the time being, as this is where the error occurred.

Version 4.16

Release date: 09.09.2021


(N): Due to new CodeMeter driver only Windows 10 is supported.

(F): Minor bugs during installation have been fixed.

SpriCAD for Revit

(F): The filter display in Revit 2018 works again.

Version 4.15

Release date: 25.07.2021

WinSprink / SpriCalc

(F): External elements are considered on manifolds again.

(F): A crash occurred when clicking the info button.

(N): In the table in the German version now appears « K-Faktor » instead of just « K

SpriCad for AutoCad/BricsCad

(C):  Labeling of standing sprinklers improved.

(N): Command to release the licenses occupied by SpriCAD

(F): Fixed a problem where sprinklers were no longer marked red in the active area.

SpriCAD for Revit

(C):  When changing the pipe diameter, the current diameter was not given.

(C):  Some translation errors were improved in the English version.

Version 4.14

Release date: 12.05.2021

WinSprink / SpriCalc

(C):  The dialog and menu items for pump curve management have been combined. The dialog now contains 2 buttons for all or matching characteristic curves, for this there is only one menu item, or in the program WinSprink only one button at the project data.

(N): A scale can now be specified for the grid.

In the program WinSprink this scale is saved, in the program SpriCalc (in connection with a CAD) it is not saved.

(N): By means of a presetting, the amount of the flow can now be output.

Previously, if the flow is negative, the direction changes.

Now the flow can always be output positive, independent of the direction.

(F): There were problems when calling the SecondStage installer. These have been fixed.

(Q): There was a problem with the license management in the program WinSprink, if the module Darcy-Weisbach is not licensed. No second calculation could be started.

(F): The menu item to activate the license for Darcy-Weisbach is now accessible without a project.

External CAD programs

(F): There were problems when calling the SecondStage installer. These have been fixed.

SpriCad for Revit

(N): SpriCad for Revit is now also available for Revit 2022.

(N) A distinction is now made between string pipes (R1, R2, …) and distribution pipes (V1, V2, …). A string pipe is a supply line of a sprinkler and a line ending at the supply line. Everything else are distribution lines.

(N): If the calculation or refresh is started, only the sprinklers in the effective area are checked for complete data. If no active area is specified, all sprinklers are still checked.

(N): In addition to the button for listing ALL sprinklers, there is another button for displaying only the sprinklers in the active area.

(N): In the sprinkler dialog you can enter a name for the sprinkler family, which will be displayed in the protocol instead of S1, S2….. in the protocol.

Note: Please be brief, the space in the protocol is limited.

(F):  In the dialog for sprinklers and in the dialog for pipes, there were problems when the list was re-sorted in the dialog.

(N): In the dialog for shut-off valves there is now a button that not only shows the valves marked in the drawing in the list, but opens them immediately.

Version 4.13

Release date: 06.04.2021

SpriCAD for Revit

(F):  In the dialog for the sprinklers it came to the wrong display if the sprinklers were sorted in the list.

(F): The output of the name for sprinklers was improved.

SpriCAD for AutoCad

(N): AutoCad 2022 is supported now.

Version 4.12

Release date: 17.03.2021

WinSprink / SpriCalc

(N): In the management of the company name you can make an additional setting for the type of the company for each company.

Specialist planner

SriCAD for Revit

(F): The problem of encryption has been solved.

(N): It is possible to output lists of fittings, pipe sections and listing of total lengths sorted by DN value.

Version 4.10

Release date: 08.02.2021

SpriCAD for Revit

(N): The filter functions have been revised. It is now possible to define multiple filters. It is also possible to specify filters with absolute values like e.g. > 10 m/s flow velocity
(F): If a shut-off valve reduces the size of the network, it could happen in rare cases that a single sprinkler received a wrong node number for the calculation.
(N): Instead of a pdf-file the manual is now available as HTML-file.

Version 4.00

Release date: 21.01.2021


(N): The program protection has been changed from WibuKey dongle (USB stick) to CodeMeter container (software).
(N): The programs can now be installed in C:\Program Files\…  can be installed.

A division in

– C:\Program Files\…
– C:\Program Files (x86)\…
– C:\ProgramData\…
– C:\User\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\…

is done automatically.

SpriCAD for Revit

(N): The ribbon bar has been redistributed.
(N): If a network license was installed, there is a button (far right) to request a license, which can also be released here.

SpriCAD for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

(N): You can work in several drawings at the same time in one session.
(N): active surfaces can be numbered consecutively
(N): Changes of pipe/sprinkler parameters also possible in the properties window
(N): Selection of functions also via ribbons
(N): All sprinklers are not in the active area in advance
(N): Zone check can also be taken into account
(N): All 3D views can be used
(N): Nodes are displayed as number at the nodes for better troubleshooting