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IDAT Precast 360 – Integrated 3D Viewer

IDAT Precast 360 is a fully integrated 3D tool of IDAT-ERP that supports the process of change management, issue management as well as the general exchange of information between external partners, clients and the precast concrete factory. Precast 360 is implemented as an online platform. The backend solution is realized with Autodesk provided APIs. Precast…

IDAT-Precast-ERP – ready for digitalization and focus on the user

All-in-one software solution for the precast concrete industry “Industry 4.0”, “BIM”, “Internet of Things”, “big data” or even more general – “automatization” are keywords in todays´ construction industry. 93% of construction industry companies agree that digitalization will affect every process in their company and less than 6% actually make full use of digital planning tools…

„A concrete shift“ – Construction & Civil Engineering

Read full article: …. In fact it is a strong partnership with software developer Idat upon which the digital excellence of Voorbij’s process is made possible. “Idat’s systems have a very strategic place in our factory,” Jeroen explains. “The software allows us to input an architectural design and produce a 3D model complete with…

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