The basis for the WinSprink® program is the calculation kernel (SpriCalc) which has been successfully proven on the market for many years.

Calculation of open and meshed systems possible.

The input of the data is done without CAD program purely tabularly by means of an input tree, similar to the Windows Explorer.

Input of the following pipe information:

  • DN value
  • C-value
  • Node points
  • Number of fittings/ special equivalent lengths
  • Remarks

For example, sub-elements of a branch pipe can be clearly listed within a pipe. Copy functions allow pipes that have been defined once to be used several times.

Automatic transfer of equivalent lengths of the fittings in calculation by using the equivalent length table.

Three standard tables (VdS and FM) are included in the program. User-specific tables can be added.

Any number of operation areas can be entered, calculated and saved.

The accuracy required by VdS/ FM / NFPA/ EN 12845 as well as the form of the calculation printout are fulfilled by WinSprink.

For each pipe section, the program prints the following information:

  • Number of the pipe
  • Start and end node number
  • pressure at the beginning of the pipe section
  • for sprinklers the K-factor
  • the discharge rate at the sprinkler
  • the amount of water in the pipe
  • pipe diameter and length
  • internals (number of fittings, elbows, tees…)
  • the hydraulic length
  • pressure loss due to friction
  • height difference
  • the total pressure loss
  • the pressure at the end of the pipe
  • the flow velocity in the pipe section

Graphical representation of the result of the calculation with the pump curve.

  • Calculation with 120 iterations
  • Optimized planning for cost savings
  • Calculation according to tabular input
  • VdS CEA 4001, FM Global, NFPA, DIN EN 12845 compliant
  • Calculation according to Hazen-Williams and Darcy-Weisbach (water spray and foam extinguishing systems)
  • Calculation of any kind of meshed networks possible
  • Extensive list of pump characteristic curves
  • Calculation of the flow time for dry pipe sprinkler systems

WinSprink® conforms the requirements according to the guidelines of the VdS.
The calculation kernel (SpriCalc) has already been tested and approved by VdS.
No issues were raised. The calculations are accepted by FM and other institutions.

As a chargeable additional option, it is also possible to calculate the pressure loss according to the Darcy-Weisbach formula instead of the Hazen-Williams formula (e.g. for foam systems).