Sprinklersoftware Update-Downloads
for registered users

The following programs as a complete package are available:

  • SpriCAD® for AutoCAD 2019-2024
  • SpriCAD® for BricsCAD 2018-2024
  • SpriCAD® for Revit  2019 – 2024
  • SpriCalc® for TriCAD MS and CARF MS
  • WinSprink®
System requirements:
  • Windows 10 or higher

In the process of setup, click on “License” in the “License” dialog.
The use of the single user license in virtual environments is not possible. In this case, please contact our support, who will be happy to help you!

With the current version SpriCAD Revit can be calculated with all Auxalia families,
except sprinkler-hose-combination objects!