IDAT Precast 360 – Integrated 3D Viewer


IDAT Precast 360 – Integrated 3D Viewer

IDAT Precast 360 is a fully integrated 3D tool of IDAT-ERP that supports the process of change management, issue management as well as the general exchange of information between external partners, clients and the precast concrete factory. Precast 360 is implemented as an online platform. The backend solution is realized with Autodesk provided APIs.

Precast 360 provides:

  • Visualization through the usage of 3D models and technical drawings
  • Paperless handling of release process
  • Execution of change management process
  • Support of information exchange between customers and precast concrete factory
  • Quality assurance by handling complaints and notifications of damage to assemblies after delivery by an integrated issue management:
  • Data upload of relevant documents like the 3D model, the manufacturing labels, installation plans, pictures from the production process etc.
  • Data reconciliation between Autodesk cloud, Precast 360 and IDAT-ERP

Precast 360 thus accompanies you in all phases – from project planning to delivery.

Precast360 supports communication between customer and precast concrete plant throughout the project and provides relevant details to everybody involved in the project. All data is transmitted to IDAT-ERP and stored. Precast 360 is used as graphically supported tool for complaints and change requests and serves as a communication platform.

Changes and issues can be marked by comments directly in the model or in the drawings. This simplifies and accelerates the whole communication process.

As a main advantage of process optimization, Precast 360 can be used from all the precast concrete factory involved partners and clients likewise.

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