SpriCAD® for Revit

SpriCAD® can be used as an alternative to WinSprink to calculate using the pipe network geometry of a sprinkler network created with the CAD by Revit.

System requirements:

Windows 10 or 11 operating system
Revit: Version 2019 – 2024 (64bit)

The entered pipes, fittings and sprinklers are configured by the SpriCAD® plugin for calculation. The program analyzes in advance the pipe system types and families entered in the model. They are then used for the calculation.

Standard: Hazen-Williams formula
As an additional option for a fee, it is also possible to calculate the pressure loss according to the Darcy-Weisbach formula instead of the Hazen-Williams formula (e.g. for foam systems)

Pipes are given the following properties by common parameters:

  • DN value
  • C-value
  • length
  • additional length
  • Numbering
  • Remark

Other important parameters for hydraulic calculation are stored directly in the Revit families, such as sprinklers or fittings.

Sprinkler properties:

  • K-factor
  • DN value at connection
  • Water admission
  • Protection area
  • Minimum pressure at the sprinkler
  • Number of the active area
  • Remark

After configuring the families, their equivalent lengths are automatically included in the calculation by using the appropriate equivalent length table.

Three standard tables (VdS and FM) are included in the program. User-specific tables can be added.
Any number of operation areas can be entered, calculated and saved.
An extensive list of pump curves from well-known manufacturers is included.
All information contained in the drawing model is then transferred to our calculation kernel (SpriCalc) by means of transfer files and processed.
The accuracy required by VdS/ FM / NFPA/ DIN EN 12845, as well as the form of the calculation printout are satisfied by SpriCalc.

For planning the sprinkler network different filters are available for:

  • Water flow
  • Flow velocity
  • Pressure loss in pipes
  • Display operation area
  • DN value